Chicago 2008

Chicago 2008
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

A 25th Anniversary of our First Date Retracing the Steps

Rob is the romantic one who always thinks of these great ideas.  It was his idea to go back to the place of our first date back in 1986.  Interestingly enough, I wasn't into flower gardening at that time, but made up for that later.

We retraced the steps of our first date from 25 years ago today at the SF Conservatory of Flowers and had a lovely time. It was our 23rd wedding anniversary and 25th anniversary of meeting on August 6th.

We met a nice lady who offered to take our photos while we all strolled through the gardens.  This is a very special place in Golden Gate Park.  The Conservatory was damaged by a wind storm years ago and it took a long time to raise money to have this historic building repaired.  It is a beauty!

My two photography friends Kate and Janie have inspired me to try my hand at taking photos for art pieces.  These were taken with a little camera I picked up at Costco about 1.5 years ago.  It is fun playing around with photos and the cropping of photos to bring the best out in them.
The Dahlia's are grand at this time of year.  Aren't they? I love the shape of this variety of the flower.  The two tone ones are a favorite.

The peach colored flowers are a Begonia variety as are the rose and yellow colored ones.  They are also a favorite of mine. 

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